WEE FREE Sub-base Soaker

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Specialist micro-organisms for removal of severe urine odour in latex backed grass & sand sub-bases.

Also contains mould and algae eating enzymes to clean artificial grass, paths and patios.

This specialist bio-enzymatic cleaner has been designed to be saturate your synthetic turf, draining through into the sub-base, removing uric acid from sand, granite and type 1 MOT.

A cost effective but professional strength cleaner that’s fully bio-degradable and kind to critters.

Fresh citrus scent

1 Litre £22.00

5 Litre £40.00

5 Litre Twin Pack (10 Litres) £64.00

**NEW** 20 Litre Bulk Buy ** Best Value £105.00

Comes with full instruction PDF.


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Did you know the reason most artificial grass smells of dog urine is that the uric acid crystals from dog wee get trapped under the turf and coagulate in the sand or MOT sub-base.

These crystals release ammonia and grow bacteria which gives off a really fusty fishy smelling gas

Dog owners try everything and spend a fortune on different products to remove these offensive odours – getting more and more frustrated and fed up.

Most artificial grass cleaners aren’t specifically designed to soak the sub-base and remove the pong problem at source, leaving dog owners living with a perpetually nasty niff.

Top Dog Turf are dog wee experts!

We are the only UK company dedicated to deodorising all types of synthetic turf.

We create cleaners that solve all your odour issues with any Astroturf.

Designed to:

  • Remove pet urine and waste from the base of grass blades
  • Remove mould and algae from grass blades
  • Prevent mould re growth from grass, patios and paving
  • Unblock the drainage holes in artificial grass backing
  • Digest uric acid crystals from latex backed synthetic turf
  • Work for up to 5 days in damp conditions
  • Economical and easy to use.
  • Fully biodegradable and safe for pets
  • Comes with full application guide.


  • For the best results use in conjunction with ZeoStop deodorising minerals


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1 Litre £22.00, 5 Litres £40.00, 2x 5 Litre Twin Pack £64.00, 4 x 5 litre 20 Litre Bulk Buy £105.00

Reviews (26)

26 reviews for WEE FREE Sub-base Soaker

  1. topdogturfsupport

    This stuff is amazing. I had previously tried all sorts of products before finding this one. This product doesn’t just mask the smell it “murders” it. Thank you for developing it.

  2. topdogturfsupport

    Amazing product – I have 4 dogs and this has worked on grass laid over 3 years ago. 4 days on from first application there is still a pleasant smell and I now have use of my garden again. I will be carrying out a second application in a few days and am totally confident that this product has changed our lives forever.
    Well done to Emma for making it possible for all of us to enjoy our garden again. Its truly a miracle after nearly 3 years of nothing working.
    Bernadette COOPER

  3. topdogturfsupport

    An absolutely fantastic product, that has achieved what nothing else did – completely eliminated the urine smell!
    Easy to use and now will be part of a regular routine to keep the smell away.
    Even our grass installer was impressed, their view was the smell was there to stay as they only used a light spray of disinfectant which did nothing.
    Do not be put off by the price, excellent value for money to completely remove the smell on our lawn.
    2018/07/27 at 8:09 am
    Kevin Barnett

  4. topdogturfsupport

    I just want to say a huge thank you to Abi and Top Dog Turf for the deep clean! I’ve used various cleaners for the last 5 years we’ve had our artificial grass to remove the smell that our gorgeous boy Ty causes but nothing has worked, they just mask the smell.

    Abi did an amazing job deep cleaning our grass and I also made sure we followed her instructions with the WEE FREE to ensure the smell went completely. I can safely say the dog wee smell that I’ve smelt for the last 5 years has gone!!

    I highly recommend Top Dog Turf – they’re professional, very friendly and provide a great service!

    Thank you guys I can now use my garden especially on the hot days and not be embarrassed by the smell.

    Maria Lethbridge

  5. topdogturfsupport

    I rarely write reviews but some of these products are that good that you need to know!

    We run doggy Day care and can have up to 6 dogs a day. We once had stinky Astro, not a massive patch about 32 SQM. We tried so many different cleaners from likes of Amazon etc..

    We even tried bleach and washing machine concentrate and really nothing would give us the the results we needed. On a warm day things would get so bad that we couldn’t even sit in our own garden or have the patio doors open.

    Thankfully a family member introduced us to TDT. First we tried a few bottles of Pia power which worked amazing at keeping the smell away and then after some lengthy calls with Emma we decided to clean the grass with Wee Free.

    It took 15L to get it back from the horrid state it was in. Once dry we then brushed Zeostop into the base of the pile. Its been almost 10 days now and we are only rinsing once a week and even with with seriously hot weather we aren’t even getting a single whiff of nastiness.

    I would say if you have a stinky lawn speak to Emma and buy the products, you wont go wrong.

    Facebook review from Lee Eastwood

  6. topdogturfsupport

    I feel like I have just witnessed a miracle!

    We had artificial grass installed 3 years ago, because our two dogs had turned the real turf into a mud patch, having been told that it was perfect for dogs, only to be left with a garden that smelled absolutely horrific the moment the sun came out ������

    I honestly thought we would have to rip up and re do the entire garden and never let them pee in the garden again (challenging to say the least) or even move house to somewhere with a much bigger garden! We tried everything; cleaners, disinfectants, gallons of water, and also other cleaners from amazon claiming to get rid of the smell from dog urine. Nothing touched it.

    Emma and the team at Top Dog Turf have been fantastic, helping and advising along the way (We’re outside the area for them so come and treat the lawn for us) to deep clean the grass ourselves. We brushed zeostop through to the base of the grass, and have done our first of two “wee-free” treatments……the smell has already gone completely!!!! And we still have another treatment to do (Just to make such we get all the pesky uric acid crystals).

    I am writing this sitting in the sunshine in my garden, for the first time in 2 years without an awful smell ruining it!

    I will be doing a weekly maintenance treatment to make sure it never returns. Worth every penny.

    To say I am happy is an understatement. Thank you Emma and everyone at Top Dog Turf. A fantastic product and business!!

    FaceBook review from Claire Cleaveland

  7. topdogturfsupport

    Ive used this product as well as “Pongo” and they work. They don’t just mask the odours. I left it a while before leaving this review as I was a bit sceptical. BUT…no need to be. Days after, I put my nose right down on the turf (yes, I actually did that) and there wasn’t a hint of wee smell.
    Better than any stuff Ive tried before. Ive made a repeat purchase, just to make sure I had stuff in the shed for when needed, which doesn’t look like being anytime real soon.
    Harry Devine

  8. topdogturfsupport

    This is a hilarious email review sent to the Top Dog Team about the WEE FREE from Lynsey Waite:

    ‘… I have to tell you the wee wee worked a bit too well! My rescue dogs decided the turf was no longer a dog toilet and went in the house to pee instead! 🤦‍♀️
    Thankfully the Pia Power Wash has now come into it’s own! Thank you so much for sending it to me, will definitely be back for more…’

  9. topdogturfsupport

    Expensive but worth it.
    I was a bit loathed to spend £60 on grass cleaner as I didn’t believe it would work – nothing else has.
    It was recommended by someone in my dog training group and they swaer by it so I thought I’d give it a go.
    Thank god I did. This is the first summer in 3 years I’ve been able to have my family round for a BBQ and not cringe with embarrassment with the stink.
    Thank you Abi for all your advice

    Donna Blythe

  10. topdogturfsupport

    I have been cleaning my grass with WEE FREE once a week as suggested by Abi and wow what a difference. This stuff is amazing. I have spent a vast amount of money on products before and none worked but this does as long as you use it regularly. I have two large dogs and the odour was not pleasant in fact last year it was difficult to even sit outside despite my cleaning with other products. This year we have been sitting outside and it has been lovely. No smell. Honestly if you haven’t tried this stuff please do as you definitely wont regret it. Absolutely worth every penny.

    Jenny Hipkin

  11. topdogturfsupport

    Omg I can’t praise this product enough! With 2 stinky Bulldog pee & 3 children, stinky grass to NO SMELL 👍🏼. Thank you lovely lovely Topdog grass team. Advised & guided me through the whole process & now I’m a forever customer 🤗.

    Tayce Bosier

  12. Suzanne

    Absolutely swear by this stuff !! Just done a deep clean and the grass looks and smells great , you must keep on top of cleaning it to get the best results but I am thrilled as ever , love this company xxxx

    • topdogturfsupport

      Thank you so much! We love you back!
      Emma and Abi

  13. Matthew

    Found Top Dog Turf before I chose my artificial turf. They were extremely helpful in all areas of care, maintenance and choosing the correct type of turf. Used properly weefree really does work. After my second treatment the smells took longer to return and made the whole area smell great and a pleasure to be around. I will continue to use the product and hopefully with regular use I will not need to use as much and therefore save money.

    • topdogturfsupport

      Hi Matthew,
      Thank you for your kind review. The Wee Free is a great cleaner and I’m so glad we were able to help.
      Emma, Abi and Pam

  14. Ashley Wylie (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff, used prokleen artificial grass cleaner every week for a year and I thought was removing the dog wee but I was wrong. On a hot day around 6weeks ago I bent down to pick the dogs ball up and for the first time the smell hit me, did some research and found Wee Free, read all the reviews and thought its worth a shot. My grass is 22sqm so divided it into 4 and used 1ltr on each quarter so 4ltr in total for an initial deep clean, I used my karcher pressure washer with a snow foam lance and turned the dial on the lance so it gave out a high concentration of cleaner, this gave me enough to thoroughly soak each section before the cleaner ran out in the bottle. After soaking the grass I had a beer and left it for 30mins and when I returned outside I was amazed, I knew straight away this stuff has done the job, all I do now for maintenance is brush the grass, whizz over the top with a karcher patio cleaner to clean any dried on debris, then divide my grass in half and used 1ltr on each half with a slightly more diluted mix ratio on the lance, this is done every 2 weeks and my garden smells sweet!
    I know of people who have had their grass ripped out and slabbed because they couldn’t get rid of the smell, this stuff is a real god send for anyone with artificial grass and dogs.
    Also all the team are so very friendly and helpful. If your thinking about it then dont, just buy it, it WILL work!

  15. Katie Louise Hinchliffe (verified owner)

    After trying literally EVERYTHING! I stumbled across Wee Free!! I am so impressed!

    Thank you!!!!

    • topdogturfsupport

      Hi Katie,

      Thank you for your review! It’s great stuff!
      Emma Top Dog Turf 🙂

  16. Simon Lyne

    The same as many others, after trying everything else we ordered this, it seemed expensive at the time, but the results are well worth the money.

    I jet washed the grass first to start the deep clean, soaking the grass as advised. By the time i had finished the heavens had opened and really started soaking everything. I applied the Wee Free from a watering can using the “super” stinky dilution 5-1 and the strong wee smell had completely gone, amazing. The direction/instructions you get with this product are brilliant really sets it apart, shaking the bottle, keeping the area damp to allow the enzymes to continue working, what dilution ratio is best for your smell.

    thank you !

    • topdogturfsupport

      Hi Simon, thank you so much for your review.The Wee Free is a fab product, and a bit of rain helps keep the enzymes frisky and digesting the dog pee.
      I’m glad the instructions help. I do get accused of lecturing people and being too geeky with my user guides! But after your feedback I feel encouraged to create more PDF’s!

      Thank you!
      Emma – Top Dog Turf Boss 🙂

  17. topdogturfsupport

    6* out of 5!!!

    Like a lot of you, our garden is our sanctuary. When we moved into our property in March 2018 the garden was a sloping slide of mud and rubble.

    Having had 2 dogs and real grass for 10 years, we decided to pay the cost and whilst having the landscaping done, install artificial grass.

    There, that will solve the dead patches, lumpy soil and the occasional long grass pick up poop saga!

    In the beginning it was perfection! – utter bliss.

    What we hadn’t realised is even the little pee’s begin to crystallise and those enzymes lock in and suddenly we were faced with a bit of an embarrassing problem of a smelly garden 🤦‍♂️

    Fear not – that ‘well known’ and famous antibacterial product, places in the snow maker on the jet washer will have that sorted in no time.

    Yes, indeed, our entire garden was suddenly smelling of linen fresh! But 2 days later the pong began to return.

    What we were doing was only masking the smell – it wasn’t actually attacking it.

    TOP DOG TURF to the rescue! We had a couple of products from them already, so we decided to order the PEE FREE sub-soaker – and we went all out with 20 litres of the stuff!

    I waited till the evening of a warm day, and went crazy with it in the garden. Every surface was saturated and it looked a little like a snow storm had hit our property. First thing that struck me was the fresh scent.

    The next morning, I woke up, went into the garden and began sniffing around… I had parted with £97 – I wanted my moneys worth!
    I sniffed like psycho – and nothing! not a whiff of anything other than freshness.

    I did a second covering 48 hours later just to make sure all the nasties had been attacked.

    Today – on this glorious hot day – when normally being outside in the garden would mean citronella candles for scent – we are both sat here, enjoying the garden we paid money for… lockdown life is good!!!

    From calculations, from the £97 purchase, I have enough left now to do weekly top ups (will take about 10 minutes) for the next 4 months. I can’t argue with that.

    Thanks to Top Dog Turf – you guys are incredible!

    Benji Lancaster – Facebook review

  18. topdogturfsupport

    Great product Our artificial grass only been down for 14 weeks but with 3 dogs it started too smell thought I would try this product with the good reviews . It s been down for 2 days and wow it’s worked wonders . No smell now it’s great too walk outside with out the odour of stale dog wee thanks very much . Would recommend too anyone with digs and artificial grass thanks again

    Amazon Verified Purchase 8th July 2020

  19. topdogturfsupport

    The same as many others, after trying everything else we ordered this, it seemed expensive at the time, but the results are well worth the money.

    I jet washed the grass first to start the deep clean, soaking the grass as advised. By the time i had finished the heavens had opened and really started soaking everything. I applied the Wee Free from a watering can using the “super” stinky dilution 5-1 and the strong wee smell had completely gone, amazing. The direction/instructions you get with this product are brilliant really sets it apart, shaking the bottle, keeping the area damp to allow the enzymes to continue working, what dilution ratio is best for your smell.

    thank you !

    SKL – Amazon 18th June 2020

  20. topdogturfsupport

    It really does work. Was originally advised by friends to use a particular heavy scented disinfectant with bicarbonate of soda in water 🤮. Wee Free has a lovely fresh smell, easy to use and lasts. Just give it a good soaking after 1/2 an hour so it soaks in to the substrate. Use it fortnightly in summer and not at all in winter. Other times I use it when I detect a slight pong. You can’t use too much. Bit pricey but worth every penny. 🌻

    Mrs CA Jones – Amazon – 20th May 2020

  21. topdogturfsupport

    Brilliant stuff will not use anything else, we have three dogs so it’s was very smelly , we used this smell completely gone

    Kate Stamford. – Amazon – Sept 2020

  22. Dawn Ash (verified owner)

    I can’t express how amazing this stuff is. We got artificial grass as I am a wheelchair user, but seriously thought of taking it up due to the smell. I washed it down with a hose every week to keep it clean but over a year smell had built up. I tried a couple of products over another year but nothing seemed to work. I went on a search thinking there must be something out there, this was a last ditch attempt. Came across this site read the reviews and despite there being the odd negative comment I went for it. I was so very pleased that I did. The smell was gone almost instantly, just the faintest of odour detectable. The next morning, I could smell nothing apart from my flowers. This stuff is AMAZINGLY AWESOME. It is expensive but it works. I am going to buy some more and do it with a smaller dose to maintain it. You guys saved my very expensive artificial grass, can’t thank you enough.

  23. Pauline Clemson (verified owner)

    I skimmed through a few reviews but so many I haven’t had time to read them all BUT I feel I just have to add mine.
    Like a lot of people I have spent hundreds of pounds on other artificial grass cleaners, tried home remedies the lot just to find they don’t work.
    I stumbled across wee free on one of my many googling research projects and dipped a tentative toe in buying 5 ltrs. First time use and next day (poss 2 days) grumbled “that’s another waste of money” only to find by day 3 after application the smell had gone… WOOOOHOOOO. Since then I have done another application and that was weeks ago, we have had a few weeks of amazing weather and not even a hint of wee smell. I still have half the tub I initially bought but just purchased the mega bundle to stock up and save pennies in the long run.

    • topdogturfsupport

      Hi Pauline,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a fab review. I’m so happy that you’re now ‘Wee Free’!
      You’re right, compared to other grass cleaners, the Wee Free is a big investment, but the raw materials (enzymes) are very expensive, especially in the volume we use in our products.
      It’s really important to us that our customers get the right result – fast.
      Having a smelly garden is really unpleasant and stressful.
      Don’t forget to use it regularly to keep on top of the pong.

      Emma. Top Dog MD

  24. Stuart Skolsky

    Tried other cheaper but popular products and started to lose my mind wondering if I could ever remove and control the unpleasant smell our dachshund leaves behind.

    Thank goodness I purchased the sub base soaker. I simply cannot believe the results we got instantly.

    I have subsequently ordered pia power wash and the wee free gel. All of which serve a purpose and do exactly as described.

    Great customer service is brilliant and products worth every penny especially when you realize how far it goes.

    Thank you so much!

    • topdogturfsupport

      Hi Stuart,

      Thank you so much for the great review. Don’t forget not to use the PIA and either of the Wee Free cleaners at the same time, as the disinfectant in the PIA will kill the enzymes in the Wee Free.

      Emma 🙂

  25. Mrs Goodman (verified owner)

    Hands up, I genuinely thought I had wasted yet more money on another gimmick product that did not work.
    After 2 uses on a very new lawn, it had not worked at all. Less than a month old, I was about to give up and get rid of the grass – this grass actually replaced a previous lawn smelt so bad we felt we had to replace.
    Anyway, I read again through all of the reviews and thought they can’t all be wrong. I found your video that I hadn’t watched previously and realised I was doing it all wrong 😫
    Today, after following your steps and retrying, the smell has completely gone.
    If anyone else thinks this product does not work, I one hundred per cent would say you are making my mistakes! When used correctly, it does indeed remove the dreadful smell.
    I owe you an apology… but if this review makes people stop and watch the video then my slight embarrassment is totally worth every word!
    Now I know, I will be repeating the steps ion a regular basis and garden time will be bliss!

  26. Steve Gibbons (verified owner)

    Tried lots of cheaper products for the last two years without any success it got to the point where we could not sit down the bottom of the garden as the smell was to bad. Found Wee Free on the internet and decided to try it as the reviews where fantastic have given the lawn a deep clean with Wee Free and instantly the smell was gone wow only one application and we can now sit at the bottom of our garden. Thank you so much for producing this product I will not be going anywhere else for lawn cleaner you have a customer for life.

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