PIA Power Wash

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PIA Power Wash – A super powered biocidal artificial grass cleaner.



Created by UK odour experts in conjunction with Top Dog Turf, PIA Power Wash has been designed to blast away dog wee, bacteria and doggy diseases from both the blades and backing of your artificial grass.

  • Instantly removes odours & bacteria from the grass
  • Protects against disease
  • Great indoors on floors, carpets, pet beds and laundry
  • Safe for kids – Kind to paws

1 litre of this great artificial grass cleaner will help to prevent bacteria & odour build up on 100 m2 of grass, or can be safely used in a more concentrated solution to target bad odour areas or for a deep clean treatment’.

1 Litre £20.00

5 Litre £38.00

10 Litre Twin Pack £60.00

**NEW** 20 Litre Bulk Buy ** Best Value £97.00


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Double action in one cleaner.

  • PIA Power Wash kills the micro-organisms that make artificial grass unhygienic for your family.
    • This super strength artificial grass cleaner disinfects instantly and safely. Protecting children against salmonella, campylobacter toxocarids & listeria
    • Protects pets against Feline Calici virus, Canine Parvo-virus (type 2), kennel cough & mange from urban foxes visiting your garden.
  • PIA Power Wash obliterates dog urine odours, removing nasty niffs quickly and permanently from your lawn.

Replacing the pee pong with a light fresh fragrance.

Safe for pets, paws and children playing on your grass.  WARNING: Hazardous to fish

Not just great on artificial grass!

PIA Power Wash can be used indoors on all floors, carpets and upholstery to remove urine and faeces odours and stains.

Use it on your pet cages

Unaffected by heat, PIA Power Wash can be used in floor steamers and carpet cleaners.

It’s BRILLIANT for washing dog beds, sofa cushions or anything that has been peed on (by anyone).

Wash as normal, but add a ‘glug’ 75ml to the soap drawer of your washing machine.

Comes with full application guide.

  • For the best results use in conjunction with ZeoStop deodorising minerals

Returns 30 day buyer pays postage

No quibble damaged item replacement.

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“Next day” only refers to orders placed Monday to Friday, orders placed during weekend or Bank Holiday periods will be dispatched on the next working day.

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Reviews (9)

9 reviews for PIA Power Wash

  1. poppydesignstudio

    Great product.. Very versatile – I intially thought it could only be used on artificial grass but after further research and some great advice from the guys at Top Dof Turf I tried as a spray and addition to laundry.

    It worked really well! I honestly cannot see myself not having a bottle in the house.

    Well worth it!

    Hi Carl,
    Thanks for taking time to write a review. We love to hear what our customers think.
    It’s brilliant value for money when you think of all the uses it has, not just on artificial grass.
    It’s a great carpet cleaner and upholstery freshener as well!

    Abi – Top Dog Turf Clean Team 🙂

  2. poppydesignstudio

    I usually buy the PONGO cleaner which has worked brilliantly on my small bit of grass the dog uses as a toilet, but Lesley at Top Dog sent me a sample of this new cleaner to try.
    It has a lighter smell than the Pongo and was really easy to use, but I love it on my carpets the best!
    My cockerpoo puppy is still having accidents, and this is the best carpet cleaner I’ve found.
    I may keep on with the PONGO on the grass and just use this indoors. It’s lovely.

    Hi Cath,
    We love it as well! Try it in a steam cleaner if you have one on your floors. It doesn’t have enzymes like the PONGO so can be heated in a steam mop or added to the liquid draw of the washing machine when you do the dog beds.
    BUT don’t use it within a week of the PONGO on your grass or it will kill all the live enzymes stone dead 🙁 It’s strong stuff.


  3. poppydesignstudio

    This is my new best friend! Pia Power Wash has cleaned my carpets, floors, dog bedding (even my bedding)! If like me your addicted to things smelling clean & aswell as knowing their clean this is the stuff for you! Can’t get enough of it!

    Hi Tayce,
    Thank you for another great review, I think you maybe our most loyal customer! You must have the freshest home in the UK by now.
    I wish I had a pound for everyone who raves about the PIA Power Wash and how lovely it makes the house and dog beds smell, I could retire to Spain and live on the beach. Shame we created it as an artificial grass cleaner, it hardly ever seems to get used outdoors!

    Emma – Dog Wee Expert

  4. poppydesignstudio

    I have just used this on the dogs towels in the washing machine and am very pleased.
    Even better though for me was how it worked on my carpet. One of my 4 dogs has heart failure so is on a drug to help reduce fluid retention. As a result he often gets taken short in the night and pees on the landing carpet – not nice. Bless him, its not his fault. I use a carpet cleaning machine most days but none of the detergents Ive used totally remove that last nasty whiff.
    I took the risk and used pia power in my carpet cleaner and hey presto its worked. Fantastic results and no smell. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
    Forever in your debt!!!!!!!

    Hi Bernadette,

    Thank you so much for your lovely review, it means so much to me. The PIA is brilliant to use in carpet cleaning machines as it’s not effected by heat or steam and smells amazing.
    Whilst I’m delighted you’re so happy with our products, I’m so sad that you have such a poorly dog. I started Top Dog Turf because I had a terminally ill dog who was making my artificial grass dreadful with his wee and no-one seemed to have a solution. It’s such a worry.

    Thank you again for your review and best of luck with your furbaby.

    Top Dog Turf Boss

  5. Angela (verified owner)

    I can’t rate this product enough. Our artificial grass has been down a couple of years now and the areas where our Jack Russell wee’s were getting quite bad. We’d tried and few products which only worked for a few hours.
    The Pia power wash has been down for a week now and we can still smell the lovely fragrance. We love that it kills Bactria that makes it safe for children as we love summer parties and play loads of games on the grass. This will be used once a week from now on though our pressurer washer and I don’t think I’ll need to use watering can throughout the week. Even though it’s a bit pricey, it’s well worth the money.

    • topdogturfsupport

      Thank you so much Angela! That’s a lovely review.

      Top Dog Team 🙂

  6. John Fradley (verified owner)

    Well what can I say? We have 3 dogs and a small garden with artificial grass. I have a nose sharper than a Springer Spaniel and could barely be in the garden if the sun came out. We have tried many other products that attempt to mask the smell unsuccessfully. I have used the Wee Free deep clean and I manage the grass daily with this PIA and recently the direct sunlight has been 30+ on the grass. It fixed the problem and the garden is now smell and bacteria (hopefully 😉 free). We are living in the garden now and are enjoying our new found smell free liberation. It’s the best ever and even works on the carpets. 10/10 👏

    • topdogturfsupport

      Thanks for the review John! With our new loyalty scheme we can add points for reviews, so I’m going to try and give you an extra 500 points. Wish me luck! I’ve never done this before! They should show up in your members area.
      Emma 🙂

  7. Naomi Burrell (verified owner)

    I Bought to use on the grass, but now I fully use it on EVERYTHING! It’s fantastic, I even have it in a spray bottle now to wipe my worktops down. And the smell is so fresh and clean without the usual chemically aroma.

  8. Mark Redwood-Sayce (verified owner)

    I never write reviews but this product is superb. Having tried every possible solution I was genuinely amazed when, just after one strong treatment, the smell of urine was completely gone from my 2 year old artificial grass that my dog likes to call his toilet. We were close to removing the grass until I found the video on these products on a simple search (wish I had done so ages ago).

    We have tried most other solutions but these were merely masking the smell rather than removing it. Like others, I now use this on the pet bedding, our own washing, diluted in a spray bottle for kitchen worktops and even in our wooden floor steamer.! The smell reminds me of fresh clean washing and knowing its 100% safe for the dog and us is really comforting.

    Do not hesitate to get this, I’ve already purchased again, this time the bulk order of 20 litres and although its not always true, in this case you really do get what you pay for.



    • topdogturfsupport

      Thank you Mark!

  9. Anne-Marie Bagstad (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE this product. After reading the reviews on here, I also started to use it in the house as well – certainly not disappointed 🙂

    I have a large dog and this stuff is great for keeping his bedding and the house smelling fresh. I wouldn’t be without it now.

    Thank you TOP DOG TURF!

    • topdogturfsupport

      Thank you Anne-Marie,
      I always have some at home to add to the washing machine to combat all eventualities from smelly husbands and fabulous furbabies!


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