Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags


For Those Top Dog Turds

Super Strong To Cope With All Size Of Poop – Bags Size – 180 x 280 x 380mm


The super strong solution to the perpetual plonky problem…
The best in the business.


A flimsy poo bag is a terrible thing!

Even for small delicate droppings, at Top Dog Turf we think you need confidence at every plop-ortunity.


Thanks to a fancy plastic additive called EPI,  these poo bags are ‘finger lickin’ strong but eco-friendly.

They’ll quickly break down in landfill, trees and hedges.  (Seriously – Who does that?)


Our dog poop bags are available in Super Strong 25 microns.
They’re fabulous!


Super Strong 25 microns
These poo bags are the strongest on the market, whilst being fully biodegradable.
Professionals tell us the pong stays put in these bags, and they don’t break when accidentally caught in leads.
Suitable for dog walkers, dog joggers, multiple poo pick ups, long grass, long nails, monster plops, carrying shopping…

Never fear the ‘finger of filth’ again.  You’ll not poke holes in these. We promise. 

  • 100 bags £4.75
  • 250 bags £12.00
  • 500 bags £22.00


On August 14th DHL increased our shipping costs dramatically and reduced the weight allowance. Unfortunately we have had to raise shipping per order to £6.50 to cover part of this increase.

Additional Information
Weight N/A

Economy 12 Microns, Standard 17 Microns, Super Strong 25 Microns

Pack Size

100 Bags, 250 Bags, 500 Bags

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