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Reduce the risk of a pongy pet pee problem with our odour reducing products and dog friendly installation advice.

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At Top Dog Turf, we’re on a mission to help you make the right decision for you, your dog and your budget.

Not all artificial grass or installation methods are suitable for a dog owner’s garden, and making a mistake is expensive and very frustrating.

This is how we suggest you do it:

Dog Friendly Turf Installation

Installers and landscapers who don’t understand the science of smells unwittingly use incorrect materials that will cause uric acid crystals from dog wee to congeal beneath your lovely new lawn, causing a nasty niff.

1: Digging for victory

Firstly the top layer of old turf is removed. This may vary depending on your requirements, and will be deeper in areas with clay soils.

2: No sagging

The excavated area is then covered with a geo- stabilising membrane to prevent sinkage.

3: Hold it together chaps

A solid frame work is built where required then concreted in to prevent lifting and loosening by worms.

4: Boys with barrows

Graded limestone and granite are barrowed in and layered with ZeoStop volcanic minerals providing a solid foundation for your dog friendly lawn.

5: Magical Minerals

The base of compressed stone is now covered with ZeoStop a volcanic odour reducing mineral.

ZeoStop is a natural, safe, odour reducing volcanic rock dust that absorbs ammonia and removes the bacteria from urine.

No weed membrane and no sand.

It’s standard practice to lay a geotextile weed membrane and sand under the grass carpet, but these really magnify the nasty niffs, by trapping the uric acid crystals and bacteria.

Top Dog Turf Artificial Grass Installation**Top Dog Toilets Only ** Bone Dry Drainage Blocks

Essential for smaller dog toilet areas,  dog runs, doggy day care facilities and areas where dog urine odours will be hard to control. Bone Dry Drainage Blocks are installed under the grass, creating an air void below your Top Dog Turf. Waste can be washed quickly through the grass and moved via a sub turf flushing system into drains or your sub soil.

6:  Time for Turf

We supply the best artificial grass for dogs!

Top Dog’s latex free Turf is guaranteed against fading and urine staining for 8 years.

We supply a selection of superb quality, natural looking compact grasses, that makes picking up solid waste easy. The fast draining polyurethane backing allows grass to dry quickly, and won’t absorb any pong producing pet pee.

7: Nailing down

The edges and joins are the weak spots, and dogs LOVE to dig and chew any lifting edges. We suggest you take extra care to secure the edges of your grass.

8: ZeoStop infill

Brush and fluff your new grass, before the ZeoStop odour reducing infill is applied to the lawn and brushed deep into the fibres.

It absorbs liquid, and it’s negatively charged ions stop ammonia being released as a gas and causing unpleasant smells.

9: Wash and brush up

Tidy up and your finished.

10: Time to play & take photos!

If you have dogs artificial grass will be life changing. Dogs love it and you’ll love the lack of mud and mess. We love to share your photos on social media. Let’s make your Top Dog a star!

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