Top Dog Turf’s mission is helping you make the right decision for your lawn, your dog and your budget.

Top Dog Turf manufacture, source and supply the best artificial grass for dogs, odour reducing infills and professional turf deodorisers and disinfectant.


Top Dog Turf Grass

98.5% of the fake grass fitted in the UK comes from China and the EU.

Often this grass has a cheap latex backing that absorbs dog urine, causing significant odour problems.

Installers who don’t understand the ‘science of smells’ unwittingly use sand and other materials that congeal uric acid beneath your grass, resulting in a permanent pongy problem.

top dog turf

We suggest you combine the best artificial grass for dogs with our unique odour reducing installation method and cleaning process to prevent the buildup of bacteria and embarrassing pet pee problems.

 Engineered to last for years & remove over 80% of bacteria and pet odour.

Top Dog Turf Artificial Grass

Already have unpleasant astro turf?

Our Urine Odour Removal Service will remove the dog wee and keep your lawn looking and smelling lovely.

Enjoy a cleaner, fresher, safer garden…


Now that’s not to be sniffed at!

Top Dog Turf


    Top Dog Turf

    Why Choose Top Dog Turf?

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    UK company

    Only UK company to install artificial turf exclusively for dogs


    We only use the highest quality materials and installation specifications


    We use recycled materials as often as possible, to offset any negative ecological impact our installations may have on the environment

    Supporting the underdogs

    A percentage of our profits goes to PupAid, Guide dogs and medical detection dogs

    Something for everyone

    Full refresh and refurb packages for all artificial turf installations

    Peace of Mind

    Rest assured you will not find better quality or service. We are on hand to answer all your pre and post installation questions.