Urine Odour Removal

Urine Odour Removal

We understand that you were told your artificial grass was ‘dog friendly’ and now you’re embarrassed and frustrated that your garden smells of pet pee

We know you’ve tried everything to remove the whiff of wee

We know how desperate and peed off you are.

Our knowledgeable team will help you win the war against dog wee!

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Top Dog Turf are the UK’s leading disinfecting and deodorising experts for all types of artificial grass.

Our top quality grass cleaners are made in the UK and independently forensically monitored  to ensure they’re the most effective products on the market.

We take pet pee problems very seriously!

top dog turf

”…Emma and the team at Top Dog Turf have been fantastic, helping and advising along the way (We’re outside the area for them so come and treat the lawn for us) to deep clean the grass ourselves. The smell has already gone completely!!!!

I am writing this sitting in the sunshine in my garden, for the first time in 2 years without an awful smell ruining it!

To say I am happy is an understatement.  A fantastic product and business….’ Claire Cleland Facebook review

DIY Supply & Support

Available by email, phone or messenger 7 days a week, our friendly pet pee professionals will explain which products you need for your lawn and offer step by step support so you can deodorise your lawn FAST.

Check out the short online guides at The Dog Wee University.

Top Dog Turf

Professional Deep Clean & Odour Removal Service

Top Dog Turf disinfect and deodorise all types of artificial grass for dog owners, vets and doggy day care facilities.

Our cleaning teams are based in Milton Keynes and cover an approximate radius of 150 miles.

Prices for professional odour removal and maintenance services start at £10 per m2.

We’re happy to provide an emergency deep clean to freshen and fluff up your grass before a party, or regular visits to keep your lawn looking lovely and smelling sweet.


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