Urine Odour Removal

Urine Odour Removal For Artificial Grass

Tragically, 35% of enquires at Top Dog Turf are from people, desperate to know how to remove the dog urine smell from their artificial grass.

Even if you’ve had the best quality installation from a reputable company, cleaning and neutralising the dog pee is a problem.

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Our odour eliminator treatment can be used on any artificial turf, and can reduce the smell of pet pee dramatically!

Artificial Grass Cleaner

How to remove dog urine from artificial turf


Sold as ‘dog friendly’ this latex backed lawn has only been laid for 18 months. The grass is flat and smells foul, despite constant cleaning, bleaching & deodorising by the frustrated homeowner.

Artificial Grass Odour Removal
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1. The first job for the Top Dog Clean Team when it comes to neutralising dog wee in your artificial grass is for Abi to remove the debris, dog hair and leaves from the surface of the turf.

Dog Urine Artificial Grass

2. The lawn is then power brushed, to fluff up the blades, and loosen any matted material at the base. You can see the fluffed up grass on the right of the brush. Now time for us to attack that dog urine!

How to remove dog urine from artifical grass

3. A commercial strength enzyme cleaner is carefully mixed and applied at a 4:1 ratio and watered in. The enzyme will digest the bacteria and uric acid crystals over the next 3 days, removing the dog pee smell.

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4. ZeoStop, our odour adsorbing volcanic mineral infill is brushed into the grass, and worked down to the base.

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5. Who let the dogs out!! Pause for some Frenchie kissing and brush biting….. It’s always fun when the Top Dog Team are around !

Pet Odour Eliminator For Artificial Grass

6. The ZeoStop is gently watered in to lay the dust, and everyone’s happy! Time for more fun on your artificial grass again!

Odour Eliminator For Artificial Grass


The grass is definitely greener, and smelling sweeter!

How to remove the smell of dog urine on artificial grass
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‘’I spent a large sum of money having artificial grass laid less than 2 years ago, on the understanding from the company who laid it that it wouldn’t smell when my dogs urinated on it. Guess what? They lied. I’ve tried everything from diluted vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and bubblegum kennel wash. None worked.

With in a few hours of Top Dog Turf arriving, the grass had been restored to its fluffy best and smells fresh as a daisy!’’ Gayle Byford, Surrey

If you have a problem with dog urine odour on your lawn, we’d love to help.


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