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I’ve always been obsessed with dog poo…

I grew up on a sheep farm in Mid Wales, and in the 70’s my mum wrote a thesis about local farmers who had died from Hydatid Disease, after coming into contact with their sheepdog faeces.

Our neighbours’ sheepdogs would become infected with tapeworm eggs, passing these onto their owners.

It’s a potentially fatal, dreadful disease, and if you want to frighten yourself, you can find out more here, but suffice to say, dog poo freaks me out!

Throughout my life, I have been a keen gardener, and always been a dog owner, worrying about my children, and now my grandchildren, playing on lawns that are also used as dog loos.

Top Dog Turf Artificial Grass

Whizz forward to 2015….

My partner and I have owned a successful gardening business in Milton Keynes for many years, and in 2015 started installing artificial grass.

It seemed the perfect solution for dog owners who wanted to enjoy their gardens all year round, without the quagmire that comes with dogs, grass and a British winter.

I replaced my tiny patch of grass with synthetic turf, and my 3 dogs took to it straight away, but by early summer 2016 the smell of dog wee was so bad that was unable to sit out in the garden with my coffee, and enjoy watching the insects in my lovely wildflower borders

Top Dog Turf Grass
Becky Adam Top Dog Turf

I was contacted by more and more people who had invested a lot of money on quality artificial grass for their dogs, and were now struggling with the urine stench, and in some cases no longer able to leave open their patio doors, or garden facing windows.

These dog owners were disappointed and frustrated that after a significant financial outlay, they had just swapped the mud problem for a pong problem, and were still not able to enjoy their gardens

I urgently started researching what to do about the whiff, and discovered that in the USA, where the artificial grass market is long established, there are specialist systems and suppliers for pet turf and dog grass.

I researched the products, the installation and the upkeep of these American doggy grass systems, and realised sadly that they were not available in the UK.

Top Dog Turf now imports or has specifically manufactured the components needed to install and maintain an odour and bacteria reducing artificial turf system, designed just for dog owners.

This has made both myself and my customers feel safe, happy and reassured about having dogs, dog poo and children enjoying our gardens together with no nasty niffs or dreadful diseases!

Top Dog Turf Artificial Grass Installation
Top Dog Turf

Emma Hardern, Founder of Top Dog Turf

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