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Top Dog Turf Polyurethane backed artificial grass from USA
Top Dog Turf Polyurethane backed artificial grass for dogs

Top Dog Artificial Grass

Our Top Dog Turf is the best latex free artificial grass for dogs.

Designed for the canine market, we supply and install a selection of fast draining polyurethane backed artificial turfs, including K9 Turf®.

Our beautiful latex free artificial grass works in conjunction with our unique installation process and ZeoStop infill to prevent urine, bacteria and odour build-up in your synthetic lawn.

Choose between our 4 lovely top quality polyurethane backed grasses.

Unlike the standard black latex backing, polyurethane does not absorb dog urine making it the best artificial grass for dogs.

Hypoallergenic and 100% recyclable

Safe, strong and smelling sweet!

Top Dog Turf Artificial Grass InstallationImagine not having to clean up the mess from muddy paws.

Top Dog Turf GrassImagine being able to let the dogs and kids play in the garden throughout the year.

People who have artificial grass love it, unless it smells of dog wee.

You won’t get peed off with Top Dog Turf, we promise!

Top Dog Turf Artificial Grass
Top Dog Turf Supreme Polyurethane backed artificial grass for dogs

Supreme PU £24.99 m inc VAT

  • 32mm polyurethane backed bright & funky artificial grass
  • Compact, dense and very hard wearing
  • Suitable for dog toilets, gloomy gardens, balconies, crazy dogs and lively kids
  • 3 day delivery
  • Made in Europe
Top Dog Turf

Champion PU was £34.99 m NOW £29.99 m inc VAT

  • 36mm polyurethane backed super soft & very natural artificial grass
  • Very high density thatch and non-flattening pile
  • Suitable for all doggy areas that need to look smart and luxurious but feel fabulous for kids to play on.
  • 100% recyclable & hypoallergenic
  • 3 day  delivery
  • Made in Europe
Top Dog Turf

Best In Show was £37.99 m NOW £31.99 m inc VAT

  • 40mm polyurethane backed hard wearing, premium artificial grass
  • Non-flattening boomerang yarn. Dense and deep pile in a natural dark green.
  • Suitable for all areas that need to look amazing and take abuse from large or multiple dog and kids
  • 100% recyclable & hypoallergenic
  • 3 day  delivery
  • Made in Europe
Top Dog Turf

K9 Turf USA £39.99 m inc VAT

  • 38mm polyurethane fast flow backed patented artificial grass for dogs
  • Very hard wearing, resilient grass a in rich field green and beige thatch
  • Suitable for dog toilets, small areas with large or multiple dogs, commercial dog areas, dog runs.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 2 week delivery
  • Made in USA
Top Dog Turf
How to Install artificial turf for dogs

Why our turf is the dogs doodahs

Top Dog Turf is soft, compact and very strong, with a fast flow, backing and ZeoStop infill that allows urine and waste to be washed away quickly and cleanly with no unhygienic residue.


  • ZeoStop infill to remove ammonia from urine
  • Faster draining than other artificial grass
  • No urine coagulation under the grass to cause odour


  • Short, dense pile for easy poop pick up!
  • Superior removal of bacteria from waste into the ZeoStop
  • Easy wash grass & no mud!


  • Pollen allergy free
  • Dig and tear resistant backing
  • Reduced separation and lifting of edges
Top Dog Turf
Best artificial grass for dogs UK

More reasons to choose artificial grass

No mud, no brown patches, no holes, weeds or wee circles.

If you’re looking for the best pet friendly artificial grass for your dogs, get in touch today.

You will be glad you did.

Top Dog Turf Artificial Grass Installation


Top Dog Turf