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Top Dog Artificial Grass

Top Dog Turf source and supply the best artificial grass for dogs.

Designed for the canine market, we sell a great selection of top quality polyurethane backed artificial grass from Europe and the USA.

We have perfect pet friendly grasses for great big gardens, dog runs, commercial dog parks or little dog loos.

With so much artificial grass on the market, the friendly experts at Top Dog Turf are here to help you choose the best artificial grass for your dog.

All our beautiful latex free grasses work in conjunction with our recommended installation process and the ZeoStop odour reducing infill to prevent urine odour and bacteria build up on your lawn.

Top Dog Turf Artificial Grass

Why our turf is the dogs doodahs


  • ZeoStop infill to remove ammonia from urine
  • Faster draining than other artificial grass
  • No urine coagulation under the grass to cause odour


  • Short, dense pile for easy poop pick up!
  • Superior removal of bacteria from waste into the ZeoStop
  • Easy wash grass & no mud!


  • Pollen allergy free
  • Dig and tear resistant backing
  • Reduced separation and lifting of edges
Best artificial grass for dogs UK

More reasons to choose artificial grass

No mud, no brown patches, no holes, weeds or wee circles.

If you’re looking for the best pet friendly artificial grass for your dogs, get in touch today.

You will be glad you did.

Top Dog Turf Artificial Grass Installation


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