The best artificial grass for dogs in Northampton

Our lovely lady in Northampton admits she’s not a keen gardener, but would like her garden to look great.

But with 2 very lively spaniels who love wrestling on and digging up the lawn it was challenging.

Not able to face another of winter of mud, mess and footprints on her travertine floors, Lavinia asked us to install some Top Dog Turf in October 2016. The boys love it!

Top Dog Turf, installing the best artificial grass for dogs in London.

When London ladies want the best artificial grass for their dogs, they come to Top Dog Turf!

We love working in London, but often the only way to the garden is through the house.

This beautiful Boston Terrier was fed up, and refused to play in his muddy back yard, he just wanted some soft, clean Top Dog Turf to caper about on!

So, after the Top Dog Teams hand carried 3 tonnes of aggregates and countless sacks of ZeoStop odour reducing minerals through the house… down the stairs… through the kitchen…into the garden, the only thing left for the pup to do was to try it out! (While we deep cleaned the dust from our clients house)

Artificial grass for dogs and children in Milton Keynes

What do you do when you have 3 lively, football mad lads, and a wet, cluttered garden?

Arrange a makeover with SmartScapes & Top Dog Turf!

A lot of clearance, new fences and raised beds had to be completed before the artificial grass – mini pitch was laid, but we think it looks great, and our clients love it!


    Top Dog Turf Artificial Grass Installation