Algae Traz – Slime, Mould & Algae Remover

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Escape From Algae… Fast!


Easy – Spray & Walk Away – No Rinse Algae, Moss & Mould Remover
Created For Artificial Grass

Brilliant For Decking, Patios, Paths & Fencing

100% active ingredients

Don’t be held prisoner by gunky grass or dangerous decking!
This powerful, professional strength algae remover requires no rinsing or scrubbing.

Just spray & walk away!

Prevents algae regrowth for up to a year!

Created by Emma the Top Dog Boss, Ben & Phil in the science lab.  Made in the UK, especially for artificial grass and gardens with pets.

  • The NEW 2 litre bottles will treat up to 70m2 of severely algae infested artificial grass
  • NEW 2 litre will treat up to 100m2 of hard surface, depending on porosity
  • Can be used for spot treatment using a hand held or back pack sprayer

Pet, People & Paw Safe. Designed by Top Dog Turf – The UK’s leading experts in artificial grass for dogs
Non-Caustic – Bleach Free – Easy & Economical

Fresh bubble gum fragrance

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To Treat Artificial Grass:
** Apply on a dry day when no rainfall is expected for 3-4 hours
The NEW 2 litre bottles will treat up to 70m2 of lawn

Rake or brush the grass blades upright if possible
Mix 50ml with 1 litre of water in a backpack sprayer or watering can.
Soak the grass thoroughly. Focusing on heavily affected areas.
Allow Algae Traz to dry.
Algal die off will occur within 2 – 4 days of treatment however secondary effects can be seen weeks/months later.
Rinse spraying equipment with water after use.

Thin pale / white strands of dead algae may need to be raked from the artificial grass.
Apply in the Spring and Autumn for best results

To treat Hard Surfaces:
** Apply on a dry day when no rainfall is expected for 3-4 hours
1 litre will treat up to 100m2 of hard surface, depending on porosity

Apply with a low pressure spray / backpack sprayer
Wet the area thoroughly taking care to avoid grass, plants and flowers as scorching may occur.
Rinse spraying equipment with water after use.
Results can be seen typically 2-4 days after treatment however secondary effects can be seen weeks/months later.

Pet friendly & fast acting.

Additional Information
Weight 1 kg

1 Litre £19.99, 2 Litre £38.00, 5 litre £49.00, 10 Litre Twin Pack £89

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Algae Traz – Slime, Mould & Algae Remover

  1. topdogturfsupport

    Amazing company so very helpful and there product alge traz has transformed my lawn from being covered in black algae to looking like new so thank you so much Emma

    Joan Stavers – Facebook review

  2. topdogturfsupport

    We don’t have artificial grass but we do have dogs and have used the indoor dog wee cleaners from Top Dog Turf and they are brilliant! Therefore, I was really pleased to find another product from the same company that can be used in our garden: we bought this product to clean up our expanse of decking and front of our log cabin (which is painted white and the moss is spreading after a wet winter!). Again, it works brilliantly; does exactly what it says it will.
    Emma – Amazon review – 9th March 2020

  3. topdogturfsupport

    Any product that has a good pun in the name is worth it. Seriously though, we had three types of moss in the lawn and this did make a world of difference. (Lots of other products failed) The product smells very sweet but the smell doesn’t linger or turn the lawn into a field of cotton candy. Well worth the money and I will be using this from now on. Just goes to show that products with a pun are better than without.
    Fisher – Amazon review 6th June 2020

  4. topdogturfsupport

    Works well Excellent.
    L Gifford

  5. topdogturfsupport

    My artificial turf had quite a bit of moss in it. Diluted this at the strongest level indicated & the moss turned white within 3 days & brushed out easily. Smells good too. Great product 👍🏻👍🏻
    Burnett Reid – Amazon

  6. The mottershead

    Fantastic my artificial grass was covered in black mould applied also grab and four days later and boom it’s like a new lawn o sign of mould anywar still can’t believe it cheers guys what a product

    • topdogturfsupport

      That’s brilliant! And I think it smells smashing! Emma 🙂

  7. Vee Shepherd (verified owner)

    Artificial grass had lots algae. Treated with Algae traz and 4 days later algae turned white and brushed away. Algae Traz is easy to use with great results, amazing product very happy customer

    • topdogturfsupport

      Thanks Vee!
      It’s been a crazy year for algae. Well done for getting rid of it, and thank you for the review!


  8. Pauline Clemson (verified owner)

    This stuff is AMAZING.
    A shady area in our garden unfortunately also happens to be where we get a puddle when it rains heavily or for a few days. Shady, puddle, bad drainage in that area and sure enough we noticed black “soil” coming up from the grass. At least we thought it was soil. The little patch soon started to spread and after very close up inspection (full lie down on the floor and a very close look) nope I thought that def isn’t soil so I did what I do best….. GOOGLE SEARCH COMMENCED. I searched “ black stuff on artificial grass”
    I was DELIGHTED when the first website listed was Top Dog Turf with the heading “What Are These Black Patches On My Artificial Grass”. After a quick read it confirmed what I thought so a swift purchase for Algae Traz was made.
    I had to wait a few days after delivery to get a day or two of dry weather but out I went with trusty watering can, drown all the black patches, a few days later it turned grey, another few days and it was white ish, then today I have just jet washed the path near to where the black gunk was and of course a puddle formed, Swept said puddle away once I had finishing spraying AND MY GRASS IS BACK TO LOVELY GREEN WITH NO PATCHES OF ANY COLOUR.
    Once again Top Dog Turf have saved my lawn. WOOOOOHOOOOO

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