Wee Free Combi Pack

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 ** Wee Free Combi Pack **


The ULTIMATE Artificial Grass Doggie Deodorising Duo!


Buy your favorite Wee Free Sub-Base Soaker WITH the AMAZING  Wee Free No Smell Gel.


  • Combi Twin Pack includes: 1 x 5 litre Wee Free Sub-Base Soaker & 1 x 5 litre No Smell Gel
  • Combi Bulk Buy includes: 2 x 5 litre Wee Free Sub-Base Soaker & 2 x 5 litre No Smell Gel


Our original Wee Free Sub-Base Soaker was designed to clean the blades of artificial grass then trickle down through the drainage holes to clean the stinky sub-base under your lawn.

But the Wee Free Sub-Base Soaker has the viscosity of water, and ran off sloping gardens and paving too quickly, before the live enzymes could digest the dog pee.

So Emma the boss invented the fabulous Wee Free No Smell Gel.  The same awesome bio-enzymes but in a gel!

The Wee Free COMBI Pack is brilliant if:
You have a really smelly lawn that needs the grass blades deep cleaning as well as the sub-base.
You have a dog toilet area and are struggling with odour.
You have areas of sloping artificial turf that water runs off.
You have a pongy patio or paving as well as a lousy lawn.



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How to use the Wee Free No Smell Gel:

  • Easy To Use:  Apply undiluted on very smelly areas with a pump / pressure sprayer.
  • Economical:  Dilute 1-2-1 with water and spray onto damp grass. Do NOT rinse.
  • Fast Acting:  Powerful enzymes get to work removing dog urine odour
  • Long Lasting:  The NO RINSE formula leaves a ‘pee prevention’ residue on your lawn that’ll work for up to a week.
  • Loved By Product Testers:  ‘Game changer…’   ‘Best cleaner on the market…’ ‘Life saver…’  
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10 Litre Twin Pack £62, 20 Litre Bulk Buy £105.00

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Wee Free Combi Pack

  1. topdogturfsupport

    I have 5 dogs and last summer we had artificial grass put down in place of our lawn.
    During the winter we had no problem at all but as soon as the warm weather arrived there was an unbearable smell in the garden.
    After spending a small fortune on many different products I found TopDogTurf online and contacted them for advice.
    After a conversation with Emma I agreed to give her new product a test to see how it would perform.

    4 weeks have passed since I applied the Wee Free Gel under my grass and on top as well, still no smell even in hot weather.

    This stuff is amazing and highly recommend giving it a go if you have a smelly lawn.
    Thank you Emma for everything, it’s made me enjoy my garden again

    Keith Williams – Facebook review

  2. topdogturfsupport

    Thank goodness for top dog turf !!
    After spending a lot of money renovating my garden I was devastated by the smell of dog wee , after trying everything from zoflora to vinegar , I thought I’d take a chance and try top dog Wee Free , what an amazing result after two days the smell was gone ,

    I now stay on top of the cleaning process , I’m no longer embarrassed to have people round and can enjoy the garden again. Thank you top dog 🐕

    Trisha Kearon – Facebook Review

  3. topdogturfsupport

    What can I say this product is amazing and changed the way we can enjoy the garden.

    We’d try over the last few years to find products on Amazon and they seemed great but the smell would come back within a week.
    This has changed everything we’ve had it down for over a month now and no sign of smell returning. We used the wee-free alongside zeo stop.

    Chris Adams – Google review

  4. topdogturfsupport

    6* out of 5!!!

    Like a lot of you, our garden is our sanctuary. When we moved into our property in March 2018 the garden was a sloping slide of mud and rubble.

    Having had 2 dogs and real grass for 10 years, we decided to pay the cost and whilst having the landscaping done, install artificial grass.

    There, that will solve the dead patches, lumpy soil and the occasional long grass pick up poop saga!

    In the beginning it was perfection! – utter bliss.

    What we hadn’t realised is even the little pee’s begin to crystallise and those enzymes lock in and suddenly we were faced with a bit of an embarrassing problem of a smelly garden 🤦‍♂️

    Fear not – that ‘well known’ and famous antibacterial product, places in the snow maker on the jet washer will have that sorted in no time.

    Yes, indeed, our entire garden was suddenly smelling of linen fresh! But 2 days later the pong began to return.

    What we were doing was only masking the smell – it wasn’t actually attacking it.

    TOP DOG TURF to the rescue! We had a couple of products from them already, so we decided to order the PEE FREE sub-soaker – and we went all out with 20 litres of the stuff!

    I waited till the evening of a warm day, and went crazy with it in the garden. Every surface was saturated and it looked a little like a snow storm had hit our property. First thing that struck me was the fresh scent.

    The next morning, I woke up, went into the garden and began sniffing around… I had parted with £97 – I wanted my moneys worth!
    I sniffed like psycho – and nothing! not a whiff of anything other than freshness.

    I did a second covering 48 hours later just to make sure all the nasties had been attacked.

    Today – on this glorious hot day – when normally being outside in the garden would mean citronella candles for scent – we are both sat here, enjoying the garden we paid money for… lockdown life is good!!!

    From calculations, from the £97 purchase, I have enough left now to do weekly top ups (will take about 10 minutes) for the next 4 months. I can’t argue with that.

    Thanks to Top Dog Turf – you guys are incredible!

    Benji Lancaster – Facebook review

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