ZeoStop – The Best Artificial Grass Deodoriser

ZeoStop artificial grass deodoriser

ZeoStop – The Best Artificial Grass Deodoriser

100% organic, ZeoStop is a naturally occurring volcanic mineral that makes the best artificial grass deodoriser available in the UK

What is ZeoStop?

ZeoStop is our brand of zeolite clinoptilolite, a rock that was created a squillion years ago by the chemical reaction of volcanic ash meeting  sea water after volcanic eruptions. A safe and natural artificial grass deodoriser!

There are approximately 200 types of ZeoLite found in nature, but only a few have the properties needed to be a really efficient artificial grass deodoriser.

ZeoStop Artificial Grass deodoriser

It’s a small beige / grey rock that looks a little like cat litter. In fact, it makes a great deodoriser for cat litter!

Artificial Grass Deodoriser UK

The Zeolite clinoptilolite (clino) from which we manufacture ZeoStop is very pure and works as an artificial grass deodorisers in 3 amazing ways:

As a sponge (Absorbtion) – When your dog wees on your artificial grass the ZeoStop soaks up the urine immediately and stops it contaminating the grass blades and leaking through the drainage holes and congealing under the grass backing

As a chemical sieve (Filtration) –  Inside each tiny zeostop rock there is a rigid, 3-dimensional honeycomb structure of uniformly sized channels through which dog wee moves freely as it’s absorbed, allowing the rocks to act as a molecular sieve. As the ZeoStop absorbs the dog urine, it filters out the smelly ammonia and nitrates locking them away into its hollow chambers.

As a Magnet (Adsorption: magnetic ion exchange) – ZeoStop is one of the very few negatively charged substances in nature and it magnetically holds the smelly ammonia ions, preventing the pong. When it rains, the negatively charged ZeoStop exchanges the ammonia it’s been holding onto with the positive ions in the UK’s acid rain, thus washing it’s self clean


Best artificial grass deodoriser in the UK

How to use ZeoStop as an artificial grass deodoriser

On new lawns

If you’re installing a new artificial lawn we strongly suggest you use ZeoStop in 2 ways:

  • Under the grass to protect the grass backing from dog urine, especially if the grass you plan to lay has a black or grey latex rubber backing.  The ZeoStop should sit on top of the aggregate base, and underneath the grass.
  • Over the finished lawn as an infill. After your artificial grass is laid and looking lovely, add more ZeoStop to the top of the grass and brush it well in as an infill.
  • We recommend using 7 -12 Kg’s of ZeoStop per square metre on new lawns. Half the amount under the grass and half over the grass.

The ZeoStop will work as an organic artificial deodoriser for 5 to 7 years and keep your new lawn smelling sweet and bacteria free.



ZeoStop Artificial Grass Deodoriser UK

On smelly existing lawns

ZeoStop will work to deodorise nasty niffing lawns in 2 ways:

  • It will adsorb the ammonia smell from existing uric acid build up in your grass by trapping the gas into its honeycomb centre.
  • It will absorb fresh dog wee like a sponge and prevent it getting into the grass and exacerbating your existing odour problem. When it rains this new dog wee will be released back in to the atmosphere as a gas.
  • We recommend using 3-6 Kg’s of ZeoStop per square metre on existing doggy lawns. 

Used with our WEE FREE Sub-Base Soaker it’s the answer to dramatically reduce urine odour in your artificial grass.

Find out more about permanently removing urine odour with WEE FREE HERE




Best artificial grass deodoriser for dog urine

How to order your ZeoStop

ZeoStop costs £45.00 per 25KG sack + FREE next day delivery Monday – Friday

Orders of 4 bags or more will be shipped to you on a small pallet.

Orders of 15 bags or more may qualify for a trade discount, so please call for a chat. 01908 366428

1 x 25 KG bag will cover 2.5 m2 on a new installation where you’re applying it over and under the grass.

1 x 25 KG bag will cover 5 m2 on a smelly existing lawn used just as an infill.

Send an email to info@topdogturf.co.uk to discuss your order, or click the button below:

ZeoStop artificial grass deodoriser uk
  • Angus Sproul
    Posted at 15:40h, 17 June Reply

    Hi, I’ve had artificial grass down for nearly two years and a couple of areas are really smelling of dog wee. The zeostop and PONGO sound like exactly what we need. Will zeostop work on my age of lawn? Any other instructions or info would be appreciated

    • topdogturf
      Posted at 19:44h, 17 June Reply

      Hi Angus,
      I’m glad you found the blog helpful. ZeoStop will make a difference to the lawn by preventing the odour getting any worse as it traps the ammonia from new wee and stops it getting under the grass to fester (good word that).
      It will also trap the smelly gas that’s coming up from below the grass and stop it becoming airborne and getting into your nostrils.
      When you clean the grass the Zeostop will absorb some of the enzymes and keep then near the grass bottom of the blades so they can get to work digesting the dog urine.

      I’d say you need the WEE FREE Sub-Base Soaker for your lawn. It’s more cost effective than the PONGO and utterly brilliant and removing nasty pee smells.

      Let us know how you get on, and if you need any help.

      Emma – Top Dog Boss & Dog Wee Expert.

  • Lisa Bone
    Posted at 14:44h, 04 May Reply

    We have just bought your power wash. But I’m also interested in the ZeoStop. How often do you need to put it down? Thanks Lisa.

    • topdogturfsupport
      Posted at 18:52h, 04 May Reply

      Hi Lisa,

      The ZeoStop is a great product and works in a different way to the cleaners. It will soak up the dog wee like a sponge and trap the smelly ammonia and nitrates the urine produces. Rain water cleans the wee out of the ZeoStop by a process called ‘inoic cation exchange’. Sounds very fancy, but really it just prefers rain water to dog wee!
      The way the rain cleans the ZeoStop means it never ‘wears out’, but in time it may wash through the drainage holes and down below the grass. You’d then need to top it up a bit, by brushing more into the lawn. This generally takes a few years to happen, depending on how often and enthusiastically you hose your grass.
      We’d 100% recommend adding Zeotop as it will make cleaning your lawn with the PIA you have bought much easier and more cost effective.

      If you ever need any help or advise then just call Pam or Abi in the Top Dog Turf office. 01908 366428



  • Allyson Hogben
    Posted at 18:22h, 26 May Reply

    I am thinking of using Zeostop under our new artifical grass What depth do I need to dig out to get at the right level

    • topdogturfsupport
      Posted at 18:43h, 26 May Reply

      Hi Allyson, you only need a very thin layer of ZeoStop under the grass, just a screeding layer as it doesn’t compact. The important part is to use it on the top of the grass as an infill to absorb the wee.
      If you need to know the depth to dig for your installation, that depends on how well your garden drains. Ideally you’d always want at least a 5-6cm excavation, right up to a 75cm installation if you have a new build house or very poor drainage.

      Feel free to give us a call if you need help. 01908 366428

  • Sam Hodgkin
    Posted at 14:34h, 23 June Reply

    Re zeostop, does it sit as a white powder/clump all the time. It doesn’t absorb into the grass? So you don’t have a nice green lawn, it looks permanently like its been snowing? I run a doggy day care and don’t really want to take photos with it visible. Thank you.

    • topdogturfsupport
      Posted at 14:44h, 23 June Reply

      Hi Sam,

      When applied to dry grass the ZeoStop falls between the blades to sit at the base of the blades on the grass backing.
      You need to brush or rake it into the grass until it disappears. Any white residue you get on the grass will be from applying it to wet blades.
      This causes a chalky, crispy coating that shows up as the grass drys.
      It’s not harmful but very annoying. It won’t rinse off easily, but can be removed by rubbing it with a cloth and some surface cleaner.
      If you’re still seeing bits of the ZeoStop on the lawn it maybe that you have used too much in places.
      I’m not sure if you’ve placed an order and are having problems. I’m going to check the shop and give you a call.
      Emma 🙂

  • Tony Stephenson
    Posted at 06:23h, 29 March Reply

    I have smelly artificial grass down already but think of washing it with your cleaning product then rolling it up so I can then spread the zeostop under the grass, then rolling and fixing the grass back down and finally spreading zeostop over the top of the grass what are your thoughts on that process, is it a good idea or a bit OTT. Also what would the price be to cover 32sqm thanks

    • topdogturfsupport
      Posted at 18:20h, 29 March Reply

      Hi Tony,

      Thank you for posting an interesting question, plus it really helps other people who have the same problem.

      I don’t think there is any such thing as OTT when it comes odour removal!
      It’s quite normal to roll the grass up and remove any sand and weed membrane from underneath as these will be stinking and trapping the dog wee. You can then replace the sand with a layer
      of fast draining stones, like 2mm – 6mm limestone or gravel chippings.

      If you don’t want to do that, or don’t have sand you can clean the back of the grass with the No Smell Gel, relay it and then apply the ZeoStop (to totally dry grass).

      When the ZeoStop is brushed in, you can use the Wee Free Sub Base Soaker or Wee Free Gel to clean the top. The cleaner will be absorbed by the ZeoStop and be more effective.

      This blog post shows how our customer Keith lifted his grass and treated the back of his grass.

      If you need to chat through your project, feel free to give us a call.
      01908 366428.

      Top Dog Boss & Dog Wee Expert

  • Tanya wood
    Posted at 13:28h, 05 March Reply

    Ok so xurrently i have about 6 inches of stine down in doggy area.
    I am thinking artificial grass may be the way forward now i found your products ( gave up on artificial grass due to smell before)

    So what would be the best intalation to put grass down?
    I was thinking excavate a bit of stone out sand to level then zeo stop lay grass and zeo stop on top ?

    Is there a better or more cost effective way to do this?
    Also is your grass just regular artificial grass?

    Need to work out the area and dont know how yet.

  • Yvonne Gough
    Posted at 08:41h, 21 March Reply

    What’s the best way to get the last bits of zeo stop into the lawn? We’ve got some on the top and brushing in doesn’t seem to be working now. We put the recommended 3sqm on.

    • topdogturfsupport
      Posted at 14:35h, 25 March Reply

      Hi Yvonne,
      Hopefully you’re OK with the ZeoStop after our chat on the phone!

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