Top Dog Turf – Creating The Best Artificial Grass Cleaners

Top Dog Turf – Creating The Best Artificial Grass Cleaners

Top Dog Turf – Creating The Best Artificial Grass Cleaners



LIVE adventures from Keith Williams – testing the new Wee Free No Smell Gel. Top Dog Turf - Creating The Best Artificial Grass Cleaners

Keith contacted Emma at Top Dog Turf a few weeks ago with an interesting problem. (You know how Emma loves an interesting dog pee problem 😳)

His grass installers had created a concrete base under his new lawn… eh?


Needless to say, it was stinking like Satan’s underpants and meant Keith hated being in his garden.

Emma (the Top Dog Boss & Dog Wee Expert) was thrilled at Keith’s misfortune and jumping with joy at his photos of dog urine crystals on the concrete base and the back of the grass – yep. That’s how she gets her kicks.

Due to a lack of drainage, artificial grass laid on concrete is a HUGE problem when it comes to dog wee. The dog urine soaks into the concrete and is almost impossible to remove. The smell can be eye wateringly horrendous.

As well as deep cleaning the grass blades, Emma’s new Wee Free No Smell Gel has been designed to combat urine odours on concrete, especially where customers like Keith can lift the grass to deodorise the backing.


Cute Doggie with Top Dog Turf postcardTop Dog Turf – Creating The Best Artificial Grass Cleaners

Emma was keen to test the new cleaner on concrete, then Keith bribed Emma with puppy photos which sealed the deal. 5 litres of the gel and a jolly postcard was sent to Keith to try.

This morning (Saturday 13th June) the lawn was nasty. 8 out of 10 on the Stinky Scale ☹️

Keith was armed and ready to win the war against dog wee.

Firstly Keith folds back the grass and dampens it down. Then sprays the Wee Free Gel on neat.

Job done. Repeat on the other side. NO RINSING.

Then he lightly wets the grass blades and sprays a mixture of half gel and half water onto the blades. They need a bit of an agitate… So a good brushing works the gel in.

That’s it. NO RINSING.

Keith is now enjoying a well earned cold cider and the wafts of next doors bbq, and NO dog wee odour. 😊

Happy days!

Emma is super excited to see if the dog wee crystals under the grass are digested by the gel (they should be). Keith is super excited to be sitting in his garden with a fabulously refreshing tin of Thatchers 😎


Buy the amazing Wee Free No Smell Gel NOW!

It’s made to be used WITH the Wee Free Sub-Base Soaker. 

Update from Keith:

‘…4 weeks have passed since I applied the Wee Free Gel under my grass and on top as well, still no smell even in hot weather. This stuff is amazing and highly recommend giving it a go if you have a smelly lawn. I’d say it’s easily the best product on the market.
Thank you Emma for everything, it’s made me enjoy my garden again..’


If you want to know how to remove dog urine odour from your artificial grass, you may visit our Dog Wee University!



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  • Stuart Hill
    Posted at 18:54h, 13 April Reply

    I have a similar installation but with sand on top of the concrete. How has Keith overcome the drainage problem or does his concrete slope?
    I have drilled loads of holes into my concrete to try to prevent puddling and to aid drainage but all to no avail. Would love any advise please.

    • topdogturfsupport
      Posted at 19:28h, 27 April Reply

      Hi Stuart,
      Sorry for the late reply, I’ve not been able to contact Keith to ask him sadly. I know he also drilled many holes into the existing slab. I think the water ran off onto the patio area.
      Is it possible for you to install a drain at the edge of the grass? One of our other customers did that. Her grass was on a stone sub-base, but a small area with big dogs. The water and wee was running off the grass and pooling on the patio next to the house.
      It was quite a simple solution.

      You could then use the gel to remove the dog wee as Keith has done, without it all washing away.

      If you need to talk it through then feel free to get in touch.

      01908 366428.


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