Artificial turf for dogs and children

Artificial Turf For Dogs And Children

Artificial turf for dogs and children

Enjoy the mud free solution! Artificial turf for dogs and children


Here to make your life easier, with our artificial turf for dogs and children

W.C. Fields famously said, “Never work with animals or children”. If you happen to have both in your life then you’ve probably got your hands full already.

Is your garden a no-go zone when the combination of rain + dogs + kids makes your garden resemble a campsite at Glastonbury?

Has your doggy made your lawn all boggy?

The last thing you need is to be constantly cleaning up all the mud the mutts and monsters drag in to your house.

Of course you want them to be outside in the garden getting fresh air, exercise and what little sunlight there is this time of year.

Running around and having fun is what dogs and kids do best. Ruddy cheeks and steaming breath and dripping noses.  But you’re not too ruddy chuffed about them massacring your luscious lawn and pretending it’s a tough mudder course.

Having artificial turf for dogs and children from Top Dog Turf can put an end to your muddy misery.

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Artificial turf for dogs and children

To do list once you have your artificial turf installed:

  1. Chuck your pups and nippers out in garden in all weathers so you can have some tea and cake in peace.
  2. Smile smugly to yourself as you are safe in the knowledge that they won’t be trampling mud back in the house with them and mucking up your shiny/carpeted floors.
  3. Glance out at your beautiful green lawn at regular intervals and admire its tidiness, saying goodbye to bald areas and faded dog pee patches.
  4. Flog your mower and strimmer on Gumtree as you’ll never have to mow again.
  5. Turds and tinkles are easier to clean away leaving a safer and fresher play area for your tots, toddlers or teens.


Life is a whole lot easier when you have your specially designed artificial turf for dogs and children. You can play fetch with Fido without getting mud on your Manolo’s and play cricket with the kids without getting crap on your Croc’s.


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