Why is artificial grass so expensive?

Artifical Grass

Why is artificial grass so expensive?

How much? Are you barking mad?


Becky explains why artificial grass seems so expensive

People are often surprised when they get a quote for artificial grass, especially if they’re comparing it to the price of re turfing their lawn, but in reality, the two processes are as different as dogs and donkeys.

If you have a landscape gardener to re-turf your lawn, you can expect to pay between £14.00 – £20.00 per metre squared.

The preparation is fairly straightforward, and the materials fairly inexpensive.

Your old turf will need removing, then some new topsoil barrowed in and levelled, to assist root formation, and then your new turf laid on the top. Watering it, and keeping it moist, so the edges don’t curl up and die, is often the hardest part!

The artificial grass installation process is more akin to the laying of a patio or block paving.

A foundation needs to be dug, a framework needs to be built, geotextile membranes laid, the groundworks completed with 3 -4 inches of type 1 MOT and topped with sand, then the grass will be laid, and fixed into place and then groomed!

Most of the cost of your new synthetic lawn is materials and labour.

Tonnes and tonnes of aggregate need to be barrowed in, usually, down a narrow alley, through the knuckle skinning garden gate, or in some cases, through the house! It takes the lads a long time, and a few cups of tea.

You can expect to pay between £60.00 – £85.00 per metre square for a fully installed lawn, depending on which area of the UK you live, access, levels, and what quality of grass you decide is right for you.

Top Dog Turf installations are slightly more expensive than average, starting at £80.00 per metre squared, due to the additional materials, minerals and processes used for reducing odour and making your grass more hygienic.

Digging out and giving back

At Top Dog Turf, we tithe a percentage of our profits to Pup Aid, an amazing charity that raises awareness, and campaigns against puppy farming, and for every installation, we sponsor a dog for a year on behalf of our customer.

If you’d like to get a wruff idea how much artificial grass would cost to install in your garden, or you’d like us to come along and measure you up for a free design and quote, then click HERE


  • Rose Henry
    Posted at 05:44h, 10 March Reply

    Yes I agree with you that artificial grass is so expensive. But I think mostly people prefer artificial grass because it looks nice. There is no tension for watering and removing with seasonal weather. There is also no need of extra care like natural grass.

  • Landscape Wellington
    Posted at 09:53h, 19 August Reply

    This article provides a great breakdown of why artificial grass can be pricey, and I appreciate the transparency. One additional tip I’d like to share is to consider the long-term savings. While the initial cost may seem high, artificial grass often pays for itself over time through reduced maintenance and water bills. It’s an investment in both your property’s aesthetics and your wallet! Thanks, Matt

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