Winter Cleaning Your Artificial Grass

Winter Cleaning Your Artificial Grass

Should you keep cleaning your artificial grass during the winter?

As the autumn turns to winter, dog owners pack up their patio sets and close the back doors on their fake lawns, breathing a collective sigh of relief at not having to cleaning the pee from their artificial grass for a few months.

Out of sight (and smell) and out of mind is the winter mantra of most doggy artificial grass owners.

At Top Dog Turf we know you don’t enjoy cleaning your grass, and we know you hope the rain will do it for you…


If you don’t want a SUPER STINKY spring you need to keep PONGO or PIA cleaning your lawn 52 weeks of the year.


It’s understandable to think that over the winter months the rain will wash away the wee, but there are 2 problems with this:

  • We don’t get as much rain as you think we do

‘’…December was very dry over southern England, whereas January was particularly dry in northern and western areas. Rainfall in February was largely near or just above average…

  • The uric acid in dog wee doesn’t dissolve in water, so the rain is just carrying the wee underneath the grass, to sit and stink in the spring.

What must you do?

  • Rake up the dead leaves, dog hair and debris, as these create a nice nest for dog wee crystals to fester in. Rake up and remove the leaves, then wet the grass with a hose. Using a hard bristle or rubber broom push hard in the same direction as the grass pile to lift the dog hair.
  • Commit to cleaning your lawn once a week or every 10 days, using an enzyme cleaner like PONGO or a biocidal cleaner like PIA. Get 25% off HERE using the code WEE25
  • Remember that most of the dog wee is underneath the grass, so read the instructions and flush the cleaner through with a hose.
artificial grass in the winter

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Don’t say we didn’t warn you when your garden is too stinky to sit in over the Easter holidays!

For more information on how to clean your artificial grass check out this blog post

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