What are the best artificial grass cleaners for dog urine?

What are the best artificial grass cleaners for dog urine?

Which are the best artificial grass cleaners for dog urine?

Hi there, this is Emma from Top Dog Turf, and today I’m going to have a quick talk to you about the best artificial grass cleaners for dog urine.

Now, one of the biggest complaints that we get from customers is that they’ve tried all the various different artificial grass cleaners on the market, and nothing has worked for them.

In many ways, that’s because you’re not quite using it correctly. And if you think about it, the dog wee has gone down underneath the grass and has coagulated.

If you buy something off Amazon, and you just squirt it across the top of the blades and hope for the best, it’s not got anywhere near the dog pee where it’s a real problem, under the grass. So it doesn’t matter what product you use, it’s not going to work unless you use enough of it to saturate your lawn.

In this video, Emma talks you through Top Dog Turf’s 3 professional products and explains which is the best cleaner for your artificial grass.

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Bear in mind that with all cleaners, they need to actually physically come in contact with the dog wee, and then they can apply whichever action, (we’re going to talk about that in a minute) that they use, but they can’t do it psychically, all right?

There aren’t any psychic artificial grass cleaners. The cleaner itself HAS TO touch the dog pee to do whatever it’s going to do.

So, that’s lesson number one.

Now, if you’ve been on to the Top Dog Turf website, and you’ve looked at our different cleaners, you’ll see that we have two types of cleaners.

  • We have the enzymes, the bio enzymes, which are these little fellows. The WEE FREE Sub-Base Soaker, and the PONGO (no longer available).
  • And then we have the PIA Power Wash, and that’s a Biocidal Cleaner, so that’s quite different.

Wee Free and PIA Power WashPeople do get confused.

We have our products made for us, so whatever you choose, it’s absolutely going to work if you use it properly. And obviously, everything comes with instructions and guides, and we’re here to help you.

We’re often asked which the best artificial grass cleaners are, I’m going to explain quickly what the difference is. In most instances, it’s a matter of personal preference.


These are alive, very little, and specifically chosen microorganisms that replicate the way that soil and nature break down any waste products that are in the garden. Poo or wee, and all those sorts of things.

All those micro-organisms that would be naturally in your garden are in these WEE FREE & PONGO bottles.

With the WEE FREE, you need to give it a really good shake before you use it because the enzymes are asleep. Like me, on a Sunday, down the bottom.

You have to mix these before you use them. So you can’t mix them all up and then just leave them in the broom cupboard for a couple of days because the enzymes will die. The enzymes will live for about four or five days in the right conditions, and that’s really great for you actually, because they’re going to keep eating your dog wee for four or five days.

I don’t know if any of you are as old as I am, I’m a million years old, and I remember that Pac-Man computer game back in the days before we all had mobile phones. And you had those little creatures that just sort of searched around and munched things. Well, this is basically what the enzymes do, they’re like little Pac-Men, and they’re going to search around for four or five days, and be hunting for the dog wee crystals, and eat them, and digest them.

Anything nasty that’s in the grass, like leftover poo, or dropped ice cream from the kids, or if you’ve had a crazy late-night party and somebody’s thrown up in your grass.

The enzymes are going to munch their way and digest all that.

Break it all down into very simple soluble particles, that can then be swilled through.

WEE FREE has been specifically designed by us for cleaning really stinky latex-backed artificial grass, because it’s going to go through the grass, and it’s going to saturate underneath the grass and the grass backing.

The PONGO has a grass brightener in it, so it’s more expensive. So, when our cleaning teams come out and do your grass for you because you can’t be arsed, they’d start with the WEE FREE, saturate the whole area with that, and then they’ll give it a quick tart up at the end with the PONGO. Again, it’s an Enzyme Cleaner, they work lovely together. And it’s going to make the grass look really wonderful.

So that’s the bio enzyme cleaners. They’re not brilliant in the summer, because heat will kill the little enzymes. So, if it gets too hot, you need to swap over and use the Biocidal Cleaner. So, any amount of heat or dryness is going to kill these little fellas off.

PIA Power Wash – Synthetic Biocidal Cleaner

The other thing that we use is the PIA Power Wash.

Now, this is very different from the bio enzymes, it’s a Biocidal Cleaner. So, whereas the enzymes are very natural, there’s nothing natural about PIA at all.

This is a really strong disinfectant, but the Biocidal agents in it actually rupture the smell molecules, so whereas the enzymes eat the molecules, these just go in and basically smash them up with chemicals, and bash the hell out of them.

Now, it’s your personal preference really what you use, although if you are washing floors or anything with the cleaners, you CAN’T use the PIA if you’ve got a septic tank.

We would be very dubious about using it if you’ve got an awful lot of planting around your grass area because it’s not going to be particularly good for the plants or fish.

So, remember, it’s a pretty powerful pong preventer!

The one good thing with it though is that actually, if you’ve got puppies, or if you’ve got dogs that have accidents, or dog beds, maybe stinky old dogs, you know how they get.

It’s brilliant in the washing machine.

So not only will it clean your artificial grass, it will kill all the moss and mould on your grass and on your patio. But you can also put it in a steam cleaner because heat doesn’t kill it.

Remember, heat kills the enzyme cleaners but not the PIA.

PIA will go in the washing machine, it will go in a steam cleaner, and it is just absolutely superb for killing all the bugs and the germs instantly, that might be in your dog beds.

PIA is very good if you have a doggy daycare business, and you want to kill all the kennel cough bugs and any nasty things that dogs may be bringing in with them. Although I’m sure you only have fabulous dogs in your doggy daycare.

If you have small children that are sharing the grass with your dog, this is also brilliant, PIA is really, really great for that because the dogs can go and pee and poo on your grass, you can spray it with the PIA, and know that it’s as clean, if not cleaner than your kitchen floor, straightaway.

PIA kills everything, so it kills bird flu, swine flu, kennel cough, wisteria, salmonella, and everything like that, as well as killing the smell as well.

So, when we have an amazingly hot summer, which I’m sure we will this year (NOT!) you want to probably swap from the PONGO to the PIA.

WARNING!! You can’t use the Enzyme Cleaner with the Biocidal PIA.

When people put in an order and they order WEE FREE and PIA, we always say to them, “Look, don’t use them together, because the PIA will kill the enzymes in the bio enzyme cleaners,” okay?

Because PIA will pretty much kill everything.

The PIA actually you CAN mix it and you can leave it. So, in many ways, it’s a little bit more user-friendly. They also smell very different, so some people prefer the WEE FREE, and some people will prefer the PIA.

Now, when we’re cleaning doggy daycare areas, we clean a lot of grass for the police and the military doggy businesses. The cleaning times will sometimes mix them up, so they’ll be cleaning a sub base for a few weeks, and then they’re going to clean the top with the PIA. You can get a ready-made PIA spray that you can just spray over, and know that the grass is completely clean.

So, they are the different sorts of cleaners that we sell on the website. We have the bio enzymes, don’t forget, Pac-Men, and the Biocidal which are going to basically nuclear everything. Kill everything, like that, dead.

Best Artificial Grass Cleaners

Some people will use bleach on their grass, but do not use bleach on your grass, it is an absolute disaster. All bleach will do will kill for a while the bacteria that is growing, and it’s actually really damaging to your grass. Now, the grass is mostly, if it’s not our grass, it’s got a latex backing, bleach will actually eat the latex backing on your grass. So, while you’re chucking bleach everywhere, you’re actually weakening your grass.

Did you know that competitive swimmers do not wear Lycra swimming costumes, because actually the chlorine and the bleach in swimming pool water will actually eat their swimming trunks and bikinis? So, people who do an awful lot of competitive swimming, and are in swimming pools a lot, have to have specific fabric for their costumes, otherwise, they all fall to bits and will frighten the public.

So, don’t use bleach on your grass!

Another favorite is Jeyes fluid.

Jeyes fluid, again, it’s a disinfectant, so it’s killing the bacteria whilst not doing anything for the things that are actually causing the bacteria.

When you’re looking for your artificial grass cleaners, be looking for bio enzyme or biocidal cleaners.

Bio-enzyme products are more expensive than other cleaners because they’re much more expensive to make – don’t blame us!

And don’t forget, the dog pee is under the grass, so whatever cleaner you use you’ve got to saturate the area. Do it properly, don’t just squirt a bit over the top, and hope for the best, because your grass is still going to stink, and you’ll be phoning me and moaning.

So, a good soak with bio enzymes or a biocidal cleaner, and your grass’ll be good to go!

If you have any questions, drop us an email at info@topdogturf.co.uk

If you want to know how to remove dog urine odour from your artificial grass, you may visit our Dog Wee University!


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  • Terry Doran
    Posted at 15:56h, 07 February Reply

    I have 3 dogs what is best to use to get rid off pee smell and how much does 5l make and do you spray it on

    • topdogturfsupport
      Posted at 13:22h, 11 February Reply

      Hi Terry,
      For the best wee removal you need the enzyme cleaners which is anything in the Wee Free range. We’d suggest you use 1 litre of cleaner in a watering can with 4 litres of water. This should cover up to 2 metres square if it’s very smell. Don’t rinse it through if it is very smelly! Let the enzymes stay on the grass and get to work digesting the dog wee.
      Sometimes you may need to use more cleaner for an initial deep clean, then use a more diluted batch for regular maintenance.


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