Spring Cleaning your Artificial Grass to Welcome Visitors

Spring Cleaning your Artificial Grass to Welcome Visitors

Spring Cleaning your Artificial Grass to Welcome Visitors


Easter 2024.  After the wettest winter since God was a boy, spring is on the way!

We can invite friends or family into our gardens without getting soaked to the skin, allegedly!

But… if you have artificial grass and dogs, the warmer weather can be the cause for embarrassment rather than celebration.


✅  You installed ‘pet-friendly’ artificial grass because you were fed up with the mud and mess in your garden.

❌  Now your lawn stinks of dog wee. You’ve tried everything to deodorise it. Nothing works.

⛔️  You’re desperate to enjoy your garden, fire up the BBQ and welcome family and friends.
But you know as soon as the sun comes out…. so does the stench.

❓ What can you do?

You need to use an enzyme cleaner NOT disinfectant and do it this weekend.

DO NOT leave your grass cleaning until the morning of Easter Sunday!

Artificial Grass Cleaning

Spring Cleaning your Artificial Grass to Welcome Visitors 

Enzyme cleaners take a few days to get to work, biologically digesting the dog wee and leftover bits of poop that are sitting between the grass blades.

  1. Make sure you buy more than you think you need. For a really deep clean, you need to saturate the lawn with a strong solution of enzymes.
  2. Apply evenly with a watering can so you can control how much is applied – where.
  3. Treat any fences, patios or plant pots that are peed on. There’s no point in having sweet-smelling grass and pongy paving.
  4. If it’s really stinky retreat after 5 days.
  5. DON’T use Zoflora or ANY disinfectant for 5 days after you’ve used an enzyme cleaner or the disinfectant will kill the enzymes and you’ll have wasted your money.
  6. Contact Top Dog Turf if you get confused!

Top Dog Turf is the UK’s leading expert in artificial grass disinfection and deodorisation.

Dog wee removal is our ‘thing’. It’s all we do!

We do it for homeowners, renters, holiday homes, doggy daycare, vets, rescue centres, police, military… if it’s been peed on by a pet, we can help!

✅  Our No Pong Promise

At Top Dog Turf, we know our artificial grass deodorisers are the best on the market.

If used correctly they work a treat.

If they don’t, and we really can’t help you we’ll refund your money.

We continually test and tweak our grass cleaning products. We want you to get the right result FAST and enjoy your home and your dogs.

Artificial Grass Cleaning

Emma, the Top Dog boss is obsessed with dog wee. After a stroke in 2008, Emma discovered that certain smells triggered seizures and a trip to the hospital.

Her husband’s deodorant and dog pee odour on her fake grass was guaranteed to set off a funny turn.

She’d spent a fortune on this ‘pet-friendly’ artificial grass, so assumed the grass industry would have a solution (literally). 😂

Emma was fobbed off. Told it was her fault and told her to keep the dog off the grass.

Infuriated and fed up, Emma began her war against dog wee odours, and Top Dog Turf was born ☺️

8 years on, Emma works tirelessly with independent chemists and forensic laboratories to create new products.

She’s on a mission to solve our customers’ pet pee problems and educate the artificial grass industry.

Emma believes that dogs make a happy home, but unpleasant odours can cause stress, embarrassment, frustration and even the rehoming of family pets.

Top Dog Turf is here to help.

❤️  Read our reviews.

“Guys, I’ve been a die-hard fan of your Wee Free Sub-Base Soaker for ages now, it does amazing stuff on my artificial grass. Over the winter, I have restricted my dogs to the patio so I don’t have to clean the grass in freezing weather. Well, of course, with three dogs, the patio started to stink. I got in touch with Emma and outlined the situation. She pointed me to Wee Free No Smell Gel and, once again, I am in your debt. Thank you for all the research and work you have put into creating these products. Dog owners like me love you for it.” – Laura Fewell


Artificial Grass Cleaners

We have saved 1000’s dog owners with artificial grass from whiffy weekends.

This link is for the enzyme cleaners Emma created and you’ll need to deodorise your garden this Easter.

The Wee Free Sub Base Soaker and Gel are what our professional grass cleaning team use to deodorise and freshen the grottiest gardens.

You can contact us 7 days a week, by live chat or email.

But… don’t leave it too late.

You need to order over the next few days to get your Wee Free delivered by Thursday 28th DHL’s last delivery day before Easter 2024.

Any questions?

Drop us an email at info@topdogturf.co.uk

If you want to know how to remove dog urine odour from your artificial grass, you may visit our Dog Wee University!




Email us info@topdogturf.co.uk
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