Patio & Decking Dog Toilet


This strong and durable Top Dog Toilet has been designed as a contained unit that sits on a patio or decking and drains via a hosepipe into your existing drain or suitable water run off area.
At 1m x 1m it’s larger than the biggest Porch Potty and more accessible to larger dogs than other dog loos.

Our Bone Dry Drainage Blocks sit within a sturdy plastic tray creating a void space for water and cleaning products whilst keeping the grass dry.
The Bone Dry Blocks are made from a recycled plastic that doesn’t weaken when wet or absorb urine or bacteria.

Our top quality polyurethane backed artificial grass sits on top of the Bone Dry Blocks and is easily removed for machine washing if desired.
Your Top Dog Toilet can be washed daily with the WEE FREE Enzyme cleaner and drains via a standard hose pipe into the nearest available drain or soakaway.

The patio and decking Top Dog Toilet kit contains:

  • Container tray and drain
  • Bone Dry Blocks
  • 2 machine washable artificial grass mats
  • 3 metres of drainage hose
  • 1 litre of WEE FREE Cleaner

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