Puppy Pee Pads


The UK’s only machine washable artificial grass – puppy pee pads for all indoor dog toilets.

Is your pup’s indoor pee place getting pongy?

Easy to clean, economical and nice on the nostrils!

We suggest having at least 2 puppy pee pads so you can have ‘one on – and one in the wash‘.

Replacement grass mats for the small and standard Porch Potty are available from the drop down box.

Our Champion Super Soft grass can be put into the washing machine with a glug of PIA Power Wash added to the soap drawer for extra freshness.

‘…best thing I could have done introducing Teddy to indoor grass pad as I know a lot of folk that have pee pads everywhere and their dogs still pee on their carpets…’ Wendy Hair – Ardrossan Scotland

Ships to Mainland UK only.  For shipping to any other destination, please contact us.


Please allow 3 working days for delivery.

If you’d like another size of Puppy Pee Pads just let us know. We’re here to help.

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Machine washable artificial grass – puppy pee pads for house training or indoor dog toilets.

We can supply new soft and strong turf mats for the small and standard Porch Potty, or any other indoor dog loo.

The biggest issue people have with the Porch Potty or other indoor dog toilets is the smell of the grass.

Over time other synthetic turf mats absorb the dog urine and stinks.

Our top quality, polyurethane backed artificial grass can be washed repeatedly on a cool 30 degree cycle and will last for ages.

You can keep your indoor dog toilet smelling wonderfully sweet, fresh and free from germs.

Easy to trim to size, just use a sharp knife or craft knife.

”… I can’t rate this company highly enough! Without question the best customer service with such a friendly & personal touch I have ever received. I rang in desperation after my expensive ‘porch potty’ started smelling bad after only a few days. Emma was so lovely on the phone, and sent out some replacement turf alongside my purchase of Pongo.

Even though I ordered in the evening, Emma made sure it arrived the next morning! My puppy Rupert and I even received a lovely card from Emma which was gorgeous. I can safely say that the smell has completely gone. Not only gone, but as my partner said this morning ‘it actually smells really nice in here now!’ Emma – you truly are my ‘Dog Wee Guardian Angel’ thank you so much! xxx…”  Karina Nixon – Facebook review

We suggest buying your artificial grass puppy pads in pairs, allowing you to have one on the indoor dog toilet and one in the wash.

They are very lightweight and will come out of the washing machine dry enough to use right away.

The PIA Power Wash has been designed to be used in the washing machine draw to remove all the germs and smells on your puppy training / dog toilet mat.

If you’re house training your puppy and don’t have an indoor dog toilet, then just place the artificial grass, puppy pee pad on top of a paper puppy pad to absorb the wee.

You will be able to take the pee pad out with you to get your puppy used to peeing outdoors.

An indoor puppy pee pad is a great addition to your outdoor dog toilet kit.

Use identical grass indoors and outdoors and your pup will soon learn where you want them to pee.

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