Porch Potty Replacement Grass Mats


The Porch Potty is a terrific dog toilet, however…

People do wish they didn’t get quite so whiffy.


Whilst they’re easy to clean, over time the artificial grass mats can absorb the smell of the dog urine and be impossible to deodourise completely.


Top Dog Turf supply the UK’s only machine washable artificial grass, perfect for your Porch Potty.

Soft and incredibly strong your dog will be delighted to pee on these pads!


We recommend having at least 2 Top Dog Turf Porch Potty mats. One on, and one in the wash.


Wash on a 30 degree cycle using a biological washing powder and a 50ml glug of the PIA Power Wash in the soap draw.


Your Porch Potty replacement mats will be disinfected, smelling sweet and almost dry when they come out of the washing machine and can be used immediately on your Porch Potty.


Use the PIA Power Wash to clean and deodorise your Porch Potty daily.

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