Bone Dry Drainage Mat


Top Dog Turf’s Bone Dry Drainage Mat is the perfect solution for laying artificial grass on your patio or decking.

It replaces the sub-base aggregate layer that’s required to drain water and dog wee away from your lovely synthetic lawn.

The matting allows water and grass cleaning products to flow freely through the artificial grass and combats the coagulation of uric acid crystals that will make the grass smell.

The Bone Dry Drainage Mat is available in 1 metre or 2 metre wide rolls.

It can be joined to cover any area, or cut to any size and shape. It forms the drainage base of our Patio Pee Pad system.

You can buy a 1 metre square piece or 1000 metres, it’s up to you.

A full roll of Bone Dry Drainage Matting measures 1m x 50m or 2m x 25m.

A protective non-woven textile fleece stops the matting getting blocked by any debris that washes through your grass.

Full installation guide plus email and telephone support available with every purchase.

For alternative mat sizes or to discuss your requirements, please email us at

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It protects your paving and decking from water damage and prevents the absorption or dog urine, into the sand, concrete or wooden deck boards.

This very light, flexible polyethylene mat has voids created by cuspates (egg box shapes) that allows water to run in all directions, and into a predetermined drain.

The Bone Dry Drainage Mat can be permanently fixed to your decking or patio with a heavy duty double sided tape or artificial grass glue.

Your artificial grass is fitted over the top, glued and fixed in the usual way

Features of the Bone Dry Drainage Matting

  • Full roll sizes – 1m x 50m (50 sq.m) or 2m x 25m
  • Weight – 1.1kg per sq.m
  • Thickness – 12mm
  • Materials – Recycled high density polyethylene (HPDE) with a protective fleece.

Where to use it

  • To install artificial grass on an existing patio
  • To install artificial grass on existing decking
  • To install artificial grass on a concrete yard
  • To install artificial grass on a balcony or roof terrace that slopes towards a drain
  • Areas in which a temporary but washable artificial grass surface is required for dogs
  • For puppies
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