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The perfect peeing place for BIG DOGS that produce BIG WEES!

These dog toilet kits contain a double layer of Bone Dry Drainage Blocks to allow for frequent washing.

The Bone Dry Blocks drain the water away from the grass almost instantly and contain it whilst it drains down into your soil.

This ‘double decker’ dog toilet kit is great for clay and slow draining soils.

 Easy to install and easy to take with you if you move!

Simply mark out your measurements and dig to a depth of 70mm.

Add 5-10mm of the No Stick Stones from your Top Dog Toilet kit, clip together the Bone Dry Drainage Blocks and pop them into the excavated area in 2 layers – then fit the grass. Easy!

Don’t worry you won’t get confused. We’re made you a simple ‘Step-By Step’ tutorial that you can follow to create the perfect peeing place for your VIP



Ships to Mainland UK only.  For shipping to any other destination, please contact us.


Please allow 5 to 8 working days for delivery.


If you’d like another size of Top Dog Toilet just let us know. We’re here to help.

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  • Latex Free Top Dog Turf with the fast flow backing
  • Bone Dry Drainage Blocks
  • Soil stabilising membrane
  • No Stick Stones for super-speedy drainage and levelling
  • ZeoStop odour reducing minerals for infill
  • Grass pins for fixing
  • Bio-Enzyme Cleaner or PIA Power Wash
  • Step by step online video installation guide
  • 7 day email and telephone support
  • Bespoke sizes available on request

How much washing water can a dog toilet hold?

Note; an average 1700 x 700mm bath holds approximately 180 litres up to overflow level
1m x 2m x 40mm made from 1 drainage block high with 10mm of stones = 80 litres or 17.5 gallons
1m x 2m x 70 mm made from 2 layers of drainage blocks stacked with with 10mm of stones = 140 litres or 30.7 gallons
1m x 2m x 100mm 3 layers of drainage blocks stacked with 10mm of levelling stones = 200 litres or 44 gallons

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