Pet Friendly Artificial Grass V Real Lawns

Pet Friendly Artificial Turf

Pet Friendly Artificial Grass V Real Lawns

Considering pet friendly artificial grass?

The concept of replacing your lawn with artificial grass just for a dog to pee on, frankly bewilders some people.

It’s assumed by many, that we tear up lush swathes of eco rich swath, to replace it with hardcore, covered with lurid, lime green plastic.

The truth is, that for people who want a year-round maintainable, outdoor playing area for dogs or children, a real lawn is not always a viable option.

We are usually called in after the homeowner has spent several years researching, returfing and reseeding, but the lawn still resembles a hippos watering hole.



By the time I arrive to measure up, our dog owning customers are finally resigned to the fact that if they’re going to have dogs, they’re not going to have a nice natural lawn.

  • Maybe they have a small garden, or a digging, dashing about dog, that churns up the mud.
  • Maybe they have over hanging trees, or a north facing aspect means that grass just doesn’t get established, and is quickly killed off by kids and pets.
  • Maybe your soil type just isn’t conducive to growing nice green grass, and the urine scorching just looks dreadful.
  • Maybe, you’re just busy and have better things to do than mow a patchy, poo covered square of weeds at the weekend

Whatever the reason, the considerable investment to replace a lawn with pet friendly artificial grass isn’t one that home owners take lightly or without considerable thought.

Top Dog Turf - Pet friendly artificial grass

Here’s one we prepared earlier…

So, the moral of the story is, even if you’d love a lush lawn, your lifestyle or location may not allow you to have one.

If you’re up to your armpits in mud this winter, and dream of a clean, green surface for your dogs and kids to play on, then pet friendly artificial grass maybe a solution for you.

Note: Artificial grass isn’t friendly to all pets, your rabbit really won’t thank you for it, so alternative arrangements need to be made for pens and runs!

Not For Rabbits!

P.s Remember…If you have dogs, especially if you have a small garden, find an installer that understands about urine odour problems, and will use the correct products and procedures.

Don’t cost yourself money just to swap the mud problem for a pong problem.

Please feel free to email for advice, or if you need help finding a Top Dog Turf approved installer near you.



  • Rose Henry
    Posted at 07:07h, 10 March Reply

    The above mentioned information is very knowledgeable. It teaches me that how to make artificial grass pet friendly.

  • Emma White
    Posted at 09:28h, 03 May Reply

    This is a great article! Plus, I love the photos. That rabbit really doesn’t look very happy haha!
    What you’re saying about pet owners struggling and, for the most part, failing to have a lush green lawn seems to be a wide spread problem. I can see why, maintaining a lawn without a pet is hard enough, what with having to mow and water and get rid of weeds. Having a dog running around can just add to the difficulty.
    We’re quite lucky that artificial grass has come a long way in development over the past few years, so it’s getting much closer to the real thing.
    How have most pet owners felt about artificial grass after switching? Do they regret the change, or are they happy with it?

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